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Toshiba Inverter , Inverter Toshiba , S.C.A. Corporation Co., Ltd.
ABB Inverter ACS-350

ABB Drives ACS350

ABB general machinery drives from 0.37 to 7.5kW / 0.5 to 10 hp.  The ACS350 drives were designed by ABB for machine building to be installed, set-up and commissioned as quickly as possible.  The drives have been made as user-friendly as possible, yet providing high level of sophistication offering diverse functionality to deliver to the most demanding of requirements.

The drives are ideal for food and beverage, materials handling, textile, printing, rubber, plastics and woodworking applications.  Key features includes:

Feature Benefit Note
FlashDrop Fast and simpler drive set up and commissioning for volume manufacturing New fast, safe and trouble free method available without electricity.  Patented.
Sequence programming Logic programming included as standard.  reduces the need for external PLC Application specific 8 state programming with comprehensive triggering conditions
Software High technology and performance with exceptional flexibility Sensorless vector control with set of innovative features
User interfaces Cost efficient approach without control panels.  Different control panels available according to functionality need. Panel cover for protection as standard.  Assistant control panel with clear alphanumerical dynamic menus, real time clock and 14 languages.  Basic panel with numerical display.
Cabinet compatibility Optimum installation layout and efficient cabinet space usage. Screw, DIN rail, sideways and side by side mounting.  Unified height and depth.
Fieldbuses High speed communication with compact and robust fieldbus design. Enclosed plug-in type of fieldbus adaptor
Inbuild EMC filter No extra space, parts, time or cost required 2nd environment filter complying with IEC 61800-3 as standard.
Drive Protection Latest solutions to protect the drive and offer trouble free use and the highest quality Motor output and IO protected against miswiring.  Coated boards included as standard.  Protection against unstable supply networks.